Please remember this pregnant mother battling cancer in your prayers this Christmas season!

My brother’s wife, Michelle, recently learned that she has pancreatic cancer. At 21 weeks pregnant, she underwent major surgery on November 10th, 2015 to remove her spleen and 50% of her pancreas. Michelle has been recovering slowly while their baby girl continues to thrive and grow in utero. The baby is due March 25th, 2016. The doctors informed Tim and Michelle that this is a very aggressive form of cancer which remains active. They are recommending intensive cancer treatments after the baby is born.

Their youngest child was born March 2015 with Down’s Syndrome. He participates in the Early Therapy Intervention Program bi-weekly and is a very happy 9 month-old who has been a real joy to their family! Next in line is his three-year old sister who loves to keep up with the older girls.

Michelle homeschools the two oldest girls, who are very good students. Since Michelle’s surgery, it has been necessary to have additional assistance in the home during the week so that Tim may continue working to provide for the family along with maintaining their health insurance.
continue at GoFundMe: Tim & Michelle Cascio Family Fund

Friends, please remember Michelle in your prayers and if possible offer financial support to offset increasing medical costs.  The family is one of our own.  They live in Menomonee Fallsbelongs to St. Stanislaus parish in Milwaukee,  and are clearly a witness to the Gospel of Life.

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas gatherings and the travel grind, please remember to be grateful to God for all we have and to pray for those bearing heavy crosses.

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Colana (Cascio) Hutchisnon said...

WSFI 88.5FM RADIO will offer the DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET this week at 3:00 pm for Michelle Cascio Tune in LIVE at 3:00 pm on Monday to join in prayer. It will be offered through the week.

Candid INTERVIEW with Michelle Cascio by the Kenosha News

Badger Catholic said...

Thanks Colana