Chicago Academy of Music in talks to save, renovate St. Adalbert church

The awe-inspiring architecture that for more than a century has housed worshippers at St. Adalbert Roman Catholic Church could eventually host young musical prodigies from around the world.

The Chicago Archdiocese is in preliminary discussions with the Chicago Academy of Music about purchasing the property and converting the church's adjacent convent into dormitories for students, its rectory into housing for master musicians and its Italian marble sanctuary into a concert stage.
continue at Chicago Tribune (with video)

Also I got this email a few months back (sorry for the delay)
Knowing that you had earlier covered the Shrine of Christ the King, I thought you might be interested to learn that there is another masterpiece by Henry Schlacks that is threatened with imminent closure. St. Adalbert Church in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, which is modeled after St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome, is slated to close early next month[May].  Although masonry work is needed on its twin towers and facade, the structure is not only intact, but filled with irreplaceable treasures: Zettler and Tiffany windows, Carrara marble fixtures, a massive Kimball organ, and more.

St. Adalbert Church has been included as one of Preservation Chicago's and Landmarks Illinois' most endangered buildings:;

The regularly scheduled Sunday masses should continue through May 1.  Additional information about preservation efforts is available at All visitors are welcome!
According to the website a proposal was rejected by the Archdiocese June 13.  So the effort in the Tribune story I believe would preserve the building of St. Adalbert's but it would become essentially a concert hall for the Chicago Academy of Music - which compared to demolition is much preferred.  I didn't see in the article but I thought somewhere I saw the price tag just for the urgent tower repairs was $2 million.


Despite the Tribune article, the effort to keep Adalbert open as a church is not over—in fact, as I understand it, the appeal to the Vatican will proceed. And, despite the issuance of the decrees and the denial of an appeal to the Archdiocese, there will be Masses throughout July at least and, I believe, the Friday night prayer vigil and adoration (6-9pm) will also continue.

The church is truly spectacular and I would urge any of your readers to try to attend Mass or simply visit during those hours that it’s still open. It is definitely the kind of church that will not be built again!

And if anyone is interested in adding their voice to the preservation society petition, it can be found at the website you posted, . Every signature is appreciated!

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