Podesta email: "WI has many culturally conservative Democrats"

P36 of this document: Selected Polling and Media Recommendations 2008.
While Democrats will of course rely on polling to set and assess their message delivery in Wisconsin, they should not at all assume that Wisconsin is an environment where “progressive” messaging can succeed. The Wisconsin electorate overwhelmingly passed a 2006 ballot measure to ban gay marriage and civil unions, despite a well-organized and well-funded campaign to defeat it. That campaign targeted Wisconsin largely on the false pretense that progressive values could win the day.
And dont forget this:
School voucher program in Milwaukee. Many community leaders and African American ministers and pastors strongly support continuing this program. This issue has given Republicans an opening to address African American congregations in the past two elections. There are a lot of politics surrounding the issues of voucher schools; many of the schools generate tremendous revenue for the corresponding churches, and local pastors view their ability to provide a safe and quality learning environment as paramount over other concerns. Other leaders, moved by more political and economical concerns, have built large business ventures from the voucher school structure and are willing to give Republican leaders a platform to speak on this issue. Although it has not yet cost Democrats votes, it is extremely important for Democrats to handle their politics and message on this issue very carefully. It may and likely will cause them a few headaches, and it will require a little handholding and an examination of the magnitude of the problem facing parents who want their children to get a good education in the city of Milwaukee.
via  New Podesta Email Exposes Playbook For Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples"


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