After Charlie Sykes covers Marquette Christmas dust-up, Marquette updates messages in question

Then, all of a sudden, announcements from Marquette of the event suddenly began to include the word “Christmas.”

There was an e-mail, dated Monday at 3:17 p.m. that announced the “Annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.”

And sometime yesterday an announcement on “Marquette Today,” first posted on November 21, was updated to say that the ceremony is “tonight.” The other change? The inclusion of the word “Christmas.” Here is the blurb on “Marquette Today” as it appeared on Sunday afternoon, and here is the way it appeared when we saved the page as a PDF today.

Somebody forgot to sanitize the University calendar, however, since today the entry still omits “Christmas” just as it did on Sunday.
details at Marquette Warrior

McAdams notes the commenter on our post yesterday received the later version of the Christmas Tree message, not the former.  Again, I'm not sure it was policy, just another indicator of the toxic culture at Wisconsin's preeminent Catholic university.


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