Duluth Catholic Schools Plan to Add High School, Close Elementary School

It's been decades since Duluth has had a Catholic high school. But it's in the works.

The Diocese of Duluth has been working on its Called To Be One plan for almost a year, and Bishop Paul Sirba approved it Friday.

"I think we went to great lengths through planning of retreats, through numerous surveys, through various outreaches and focus groups to try and include everybody in that process," Sirba said.

They plan to take the current four schools and combine them into one school with three campuses. St. Michael's in Lakeside will close. The Holy Rosary campus will house elementary students. St. James will be an elementary and middle school. St. John's will have middle and high school classes.

The plan is for the first grade of the high school to be added in the 2017-2018 school year.
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