St. Augustine Parish in Platteville moving forward with new $10 million student residence

PLATTEVILLE -- With Phase 1 complete, having acquired the necessary land while concurrently working with the City of Platteville to secure all the needed approvals, St. Augustine University Parish is moving forward with Phase 2 -- a much-needed student residence.

Student residence

Presently students struggle to find high-quality, centrally located housing near campus. The proposed $10,000,000 student apartments will assist those upperclassmen, while at the same time offer a virtues-based residence where tomorrow’s leaders can be formed in faith and from which they can serve the campus and larger community.

“With fundraising ongoing, we believe it is realistic that we will be able to break ground on the student residence next fall,” said Fr. John Del Priore, SJS, parochial vicar of St. Augustine University Parish.

“This means upperclassmen will be able to take up residence here in the fall of 2018, as we want to do this right for the students.”

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