Matt Flynn defends his work with Archdiocese of Milwaukee on sexual abuse cases

Milwaukee attorney Matt Flynn is fighting off a call from a women's group to end his gubernatorial campaign based on his work as an attorney representing the Archdiocese of Milwaukee against victims of sexual abuse by priests.

Wisconsin Women's March co-chair Sarah Pearson called on Flynn to drop out following the publication of a story about his work with the archdiocese in the liberal, Milwaukee-based Wisconsin Gazette. In a brief interview on Wednesday, Flynn said "misinformation" would be a "polite term" to describe the arguments against him.

"The archdiocese is a great organization and the vast majority of priests are good men who devote their lives to people and don’t make very much money. They’re good people," Flynn told reporters after a candidate forum in Madison. "And the handful of ones that committed these abuses, I was not their lawyer. I represented the archdiocese … I didn’t defend their conduct, neither did the archdiocese."
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Anonymous said...

A "friend" and "disciple" of former Father James Arimond, Fr. Church Hanel of Queen of Apostles parish in Pewaukee is now on leave for the usua reasons. If true, from one generation to the next. Given that Father Hanel is part of the ruling junta, I am sure they will pull out all the stops to be back the allegations.