Bishop Morlino issues best response to date to the unresolved abuse crisis in the Church

The stories being brought into light and displayed in gruesome detail with regard to some priests, religious, and now even those in places of highest leadership, are sickening. Hearing even one of these stories is, quite literally, enough to make someone sick. But my own sickness at the stories is quickly put into perspective when I recall the fact that many individuals have lived through them for years. For them, these are not stories, they are indeed realities. To them I turn and say, again, I am sorry for what you have suffered and what you continue to suffer in your mind and in your heart.
It is time to admit that there is a homosexual subculture within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church that is wreaking great devastation in the vineyard of the Lord. The Church’s teaching is clear that the homosexual inclination is not in itself sinful, but it is intrinsically disordered in a way that renders any man stably afflicted by it unfit to be a priest. And the decision to act upon this disordered inclination is a sin so grave that it cries out to heaven for vengeance, especially when it involves preying upon the young or the vulnerable. Such wickedness should be hated with a perfect hatred. Christian charity itself demands that we should hate wickedness just as we love goodness. But while hating the sin, we must never hate the sinner, who is called to conversion, penance, and renewed communion with Christ and His Church, through His inexhaustible mercy.
For the Church, the crisis we face is not limited to the McCarrick affair, or the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, or anything else that may come. The deeper crisis that must be addressed is the license for sin to have a home in individuals at every level of the Church. There is a certain comfort level with sin that has come to pervade our teaching, our preaching, our decision making, and our very way of living.

If you’ll permit me, what the Church needs now is more hatred! As I have said previously, St. Thomas Aquinas said that hatred of wickedness actually belongs to the virtue of charity. As the Book of Proverbs says “My mouth shall meditate truth, and my lips shall hate wickedness (Prov. 8:7).” It is an act of love to hate sin and to call others to turn away from sin.
article at Madison Catholic Herald

You know it's good when this a response like this:

It's not clear if Gibson actually read the entire letter, realizes there is currently a ban on gays in the priesthood, and feeds the growing consensus that the reason the abuse crisis is not rectified is because idealogues like himself(on both sides mind you) have refused to look at the issue beyond their own pet theological projects.

Archbishop Aquila praises it publicly, which one would think would happen more.  Aquila has himself penned a solid response.
I've said this before many, many times.  We need a group like SNAP, but which is focused on true reform within the Church and her hierarchy.  I mean, the Milwaukee Cathedral STILL has a image honoring Abp Weakland which is an absolutely atrocious affront on the faithful of Milwaukee and especially to the countless victims of assault enabled by his orchestration. 

It sure seems like the time of eye rolling is over, and the time for head rolling is appropriate.

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