Federal appeals court sides with Tony Evers in dispute over busing private school students

Federal judges are backing state schools Superintendent Tony Evers' decision to not require a Washington County public school district to provide busing to students attending a private religious school.

Parents of students at St. Augustine School and a conservative legal firm sued Evers and the Friess Lake School District in 2016 after the district and Evers said the students did not qualify to ride district buses to school for free.

Under state law, public school districts are required to bus private school students, but only to one school per religious denomination in an attendance area.

Because students were already being bused to another Catholic school, the St. Augustine students were denied free transportation by Evers' Department of Public Instruction and the district.

Friess Lake and Evers argued that St. Augustine's attendance area overlaps that of St. Gabriel School, which is operated by the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee, and therefore isn't eligible.
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William said...

Do these Catholic citizens pay their taxes? Well, if they do, then they pay for bus service for their children. This is a no-brainer and that judge is either stupid, bigoted, or both!