The Chicken Runs at Midnight

I've mentioned this story before on here, but if you haven't seen it, you must. ESPN just ran an article that there is now a book 'The Chicken Runs at Midnight'.  I've watch this many times, and I cry every time.

From the book excerpt, this (yes, I'm ordering the book right now):
On a road trip at the end of August, he set his alarm early to attend a Sunday mass. It was 6:30 a.m., and the hotel lobby was deserted as he began his three-block walk to the church -- not a player or fellow coach in sight. He settled into a pew and suddenly recognized the person seated directly in front of him. It was Counsell.

When Counsell saw Rich, they nodded at each other and smiled. After the service, they walked back to the hotel together, never once discussing their faith or Counsell's secret nickname, the Chicken. The truth was, Counsell was somewhat like Rich -- he wasn't constantly in church, but found himself drawn there at times. Counsell considered himself "a little more than an Easter-Christmas Catholic, but not much.'' Like most young boys, he had struggled with the meaning of religion and was in church that Sunday to continue his education.

"I probably questioned it more than I believed in it, to tell you the truth'' Counsell says. "As a kid, I remember going to ask a priest, 'I don't understand this Father-Son-Holy Ghost thing. Explain it to me. I don't understand the Holy Ghost, you've got to explain it to me.' I never got a good answer. It was about faith, that's for sure.''
FYI, Craig Counsell grew up in Whitefish Bay, WI and his dad worked for the Brewers. 

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