A Centenary of Guardini’s 'Spirit of the Liturgy'

At Adoremus Bulletin, "a series of seven essays marking the centenary of [Romano] Guardini’s book."

Part I: The Prayer of the Liturgy: How the Spirit’s Sober Inebriation brings Joy to the Praying Soul, by Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli

Part II: The Fellowship of the Liturgy: Each for All and All for Christ , by Father Cassian Folsom, OSB

Part III: Heaven in a Grain of Incense: The Elements of Style in the Sacred Liturgy, by Dr. Michon Matthiesen

Part IV:Together Again for the First Time Everywhere: How Faith Integrates Symbolism in the Liturgy, by David W. Fagerberg

Part V: At Prayer in the Fields of the Lord: The Playfulness of the Liturgy, by Father Daniel Cardó

Part VI: Some Good and Weighty Truths About Beauty: The Seriousness of the Liturgy, by Bishop James D. Conley

Part VII: By Neither Word Nor Bread Alone: The Order of Logos and Ethos in the Liturgy, by Father Emery de Gaál

The book is available free online, in pdf at Sancta Missa, and in a plain text version at EWTN Library, both Ada Lane's 1935 English translation.

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