Could Foxconn be a boon to local parishes?

MOUNT PLEASANT — While there’s been plenty of discussion about the potential “Foxconn effect” on public and private sectors, there’s been little discussion of how it could affect the “spiritual sector.”

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is looking ahead to the potential growth in parishes surrounding the future Mount Pleasant site. And parishioners at St. Paul the Apostle, 6400 Spring St., learned on Monday that their parish has been identified as one with the most potential to grow.

Room to grow

Mark Kemmeter from the Archdiocese’s Office for Planning and Councils ran through some of the projected numbers with members of the congregation before their All Common Committee meeting Monday evening.

Assuming the majority of the jobs go to people who move to the area, which creates more jobs in other sectors and all those jobs bring more people and families to the area, Kemmeter estimated the area’s population could grow by as much as 80,000 people.
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