State Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn defends blog posts, says religious views under attack

MADISON - State appeals court Judge Brian Hagedorn on Monday defended law school era blog posts calling the overturning of an anti-sodomy law as a potential gateway to legal bestiality and characterizing Planned Parenthood as a wicked organization.

Hagedorn, who is seeking a seat on the state Supreme Court, said criticism over the blog posts and calls for promises to recuse himself on cases involving Planned Parenthood and same-sex relationships are attacks on his religious views.

"If you have ever been a Catholic or Christian of various stripes you’re going to get attacked for your faith," Hagedorn said in an interview with WTAQ's John Muir, a conservative radio show host. "I think it's unfortunate and that’s not the way things are supposed to be."

Hagedorn, who was appointed to the state appeals court in 2015, said he has always set aside his personal views when hearing cases and will continue to do so if elected to the Supreme Court.
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