20 feet down in Lake Michigan there is an 11 foot tall statue of Christ

You can only see the marble statue one day a year without diving equipment.

PETOSKEY, Mich. — Michigan is home to many interesting sights and unique landmarks, but there is one in Petoskey that might just be one of a kind.

It’s not something that you can even see most days of the year without very specialized equipment. That is because it is in 20 feet of water about 800 feet from shore in Little Traverse Bay off Petoskey.

If you have scuba gear you are in luck. But the land bound who are willing to brave the cold and trek out onto the ice in late February or early March and peer through a hole in the ice inside a tent can see it. It’s an 11-foot-tall, 1,800-pound Italian marble statue of Christ on the cross.
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Kathleen1031 said...

Oh my gosh THAT WAS SUPERB! Loved it, loved it, incredible. God bless the people who did this, as well as those who had the unbelievable privilege of cleaning off the beautiful image of Our Lord. Well done. Thank you.