White, male, heterosexual, Christian privilege is everywhere, college students told at Wisconsin Catholic college

Panel event at Viterbo University critiques systemic oppression

LA CROSSE, Wisc. — Attempting to be racially colorblind is the “epitome” of white privilege, according to a panel discussion held at Viterbo University on Tuesday night.

“Saying that you’re colorblind, or that you are race blind, or you just see people for people and not whatever color they are is the epitome of white privilege,” said Alyssa Gostonczik, the intern and employer relations coordinator at Viterbo and one of the panelists at the 90-minute event.
Gostonczik also mentioned those with “Christian privilege,” meaning holidays you celebrate are always recognized, you get days off from work and school, the decorations around campus and town fit your holidays, and you get to hear Christmas music playing in stores and on the radio. Christian privilege means politicians likely share your faith and your views – “anti-abortion laws, for example.”
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I think I mentioned this before, I'm not sure if Viterbo is still technically a Catholic college.  I haven't had a chance to verify that.

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