The quote Tony Bennett memorized after his father got the Badgers to the Final Four in 2000

Tony hasn’t forgotten watching and listening to his father after UW defeated Purdue in 2000 to earn a trip to the Final Four in Indianapolis.

“I was sitting in the back of a press conference,” he said. "I memorized his quote. He said a quote I never forgot. It stuck with me for that long.

“They asked him: ‘Is this one of the greatest feelings that you've ever had, getting to the Final Four?’

“He said: ‘From a feeling state, euphoria, yes, it is. But it doesn't compare with faith, with kids, family, grandkids. Because I know what truly matters, it enables me to enjoy what seems to matter like this.’

“I've remembered that quote and tried my best to live by it. I want this program to honor what's important to me, my faith and these young men through success and through failure.

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