Book on Muslim-Christian Dialogues Reveals Milwaukee's Central Role

Review by RT Both of Interfaith Engagement in Milwaukee: A Brief History of Christian-Muslim Dialogue, by Irfan A. Omar and Kaitlyn C. Daly, at Wisconsin Muslim Journal.
"Dr. Abbas Hamdani, who passed away last year; Sr. Jessine Reiss, OSF (Order of St. Francis); and Sr. Lucille Walsh, OSF, who passed away in 2013 at the age of 101; were the three original founders of the Islamic Christian Dialogue. ...

"Sr. Lucille Walsh’s 1985 letter to His Holiness John Paul II is included as Figure I in the book. At the time, Sr. Lucille was chairperson of the Interfaith Group, which, according to the letter, had the full support of Milwaukee’s archbishop at the time, Rembert Weakland. ...

"After a follow-up letter and a detailed report from Sister Jessine Reiss came the second letter from the Vatican, this time from the President of the Secretariat for Non-Christians (now called the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue), Cardinal Francis Arinze, who thanked Sister Jessine for facilitating this “important activity for today’s world” and for keeping “us informed of the fine work of dialogue” taking place between Muslims and Christians in Milwaukee. 'Our Secretariat gives its full support and encouragement to this important activity for today’s world,' wrote Cardinal Arinze in his letter to Sr. Jessine."

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