Census Fidei? Methodological Missteps Are Undermining the Catholic Church’s Synod on Synodality

Mark Regnerus with a methodological critique, including of the Document for the Continental Stage, at Public Discourse.
"What the Frascati group heard, or wrote down, is a great deal of woundedness and suffering. Are these the norm within the Church? Emotive terms saturate the document. For example, the word 'feel' appears twenty-five times, including '[I]f the Church is not synodal, no one can really feel fully at home.' (What does this mean?) The term 'dialogue' shows up thirty-one times, 'discernment' twenty-eight times, 'listening' thirty-eight times, 'experience' forty-three times, 'journey' thirty-three times, and versions of 'welcoming' eighteen times. Exactly whose voices are these?"

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