Anne at Imprisoned in my Bones with more on Fr. Don Hying

Hi Matt, I was having technical difficulties and wasn't able to leave a comment on your blog, but want you to know that newly appointed Bishop-elect Donald Hying is going to be a wonderful Bishop!  He is humble, holy, kind, intelligent, loving, traditional, devoted to the Blessed Mother and to the Pope-very in line with the teachings of the church.  You really should follow my blog, he posts there frequently, you'd like what he has to say!
Blessings, Anne
You can view all her posts by Fr. Hying here.

Some of Fr. Hying's posts: 
I love to study church history, especially the times of persecution, trial and upheaval. The early era of martyrdom, the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Reformation, the French Revolution, the rise of Nazism and communism were all moments when the church faced profound crises that seemed to threaten its very existence. Yet, in the midst of violence, betrayal, institutional breakdown, loss of faith, and even death itself, saints emerged, courageous people who had built their houses on the rock of Christ and his church, and thus served as pillars of strength, hope, renewal and reform in times of great darkness and confusion.

During the French Revolution, a convent of cloistered nuns at Compiegne went to the guillotine singing, rejecting the rabid secularity of the new government. Interned at Auschwitz, Maximilian Kolbe was a bright light of faith, hope and love for countless prisoners in one of the most hellish places in history.


  1. Praise be to God. May the clean-up of the Milw. Archdiocese continue, and please dear Lord, transfer Fr. Jim Connell from Sheboygan so we can re-construct the Sheboygan Catholic community.


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