Green Bay diocese gets new Vicar General

Bishop David L. Ricken has announced the appointment of Fr. Dan Felton as the third vicar general for the Diocese of Green Bay, effective July 1, 2011.

Fr. Felton will assist Bishop Ricken in external matters, primarily as a resource and liaison to parishes. He will assist pastors and parish directors in implementation of pastoral planning for parishes in cooperation with the Diocesan Stewardship and Pastoral Services department. He will continue as pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Manitowoc.

The diocese currently has two other vicars general:
  • Fr. John Doerfler continues in his current roles as Vicar General, with a primary role in canonical internal affairs regarding the diocese, and Chancellor
  • Bishop Robert F. Morneau is Vicar General based on his position as auxiliary bishop.
In addition, Bishop Ricken announced that Deacon Timothy Reilly, currently diocesan director of administration, will now be the General Director of the Diocesan Curia. In this position, Deacon Reilly continues his current duties for management of the Curia (diocesan personnel and offices); oversees administrative affairs; and coordinates the activity of the diocesan departments and staff.
Diocese of GB

If my badgey-sense is right, Fr. Felton is also a LifeTeen guy.  I would think Chancellor would be a full time job; maybe the Chancellor/Vicar is being phased into a full time Chancellor now. 

Do I dare ask how many vicar generals it takes to screw in a light bulb?

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