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My name is Adam Laski.  I’m a seminarian for the Diocese of Superior.  I just finished my fourth year at St. John Vianney College Seminary and will be continuing on in preparation for the priesthood at St. Paul Seminary next fall. 

Ever since I began to have a reversion to the Catholic faith in my sophomore year of high school the Lord has been pulling on my heart to evangelize.  That sophomore year, I started talking with a seminarian from the diocese who cared enough to sit down and teach me about my faith.  First, I realized how greatly I desired the truth, and what it meant for my life – if what the Catholic Church teaches actually is true.  Then, I felt a certain necessity in my heart to do the same for others.  How could it be that I had been Catholic for so many years, but never cared about my faith?  I do not doubt that I was taught it, but rather, I was never taught the truth by someone who had such zeal.

That is why I’m excited to lead the Totus Tuus program this summer.  From my past work with Totus Tuus in the Diocese of Superior, I believe this program gives youth an opportunity to meet a team of young faithful who are on fire to preach what is true about Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.  They love Mary, they love the Sacraments, and they want to share that with everyone they meet.  I hope that this summer gives the Totus Tuus Team a chance to preach the Good News and will provide the youth in our diocese an opportunity to hear it.  I hope that the work that I do this summer will aid in the continuation of the program in the diocese, and will help the summer run smoothly for the Totus Tuus Team.

In Christ through Mary,

-Adam J Laski
Totus Tuus - Diocese of Superior


  1. We are so blessed to have a seminarian like Adam here in the Superior Diocese! Among the other wonderful young seminarians like Patrick McConnell!

  2. @Brianne Duncan: I second the motion!


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