St. Mary's Catholic Church, La Crosse, WI - First Catholic church in La Crosse

This illustrated booklet is a history of the first Catholic church in La Crosse, St. Mary's Church. Services were conducted in the English language, and the parish was known for its Irish, French and German roots. Included in the history is the story of St. Mary's School, priests and sisters from St. Mary's and a list of early baptisms and marriages performed at the church. The new Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman was dedicated in 1962 and soon after St. Mary's was closed. The church building at 319 South 7th Street (7th & Cameron streets) constructed in 1874-75 was razed in 1963.
La Crosse History

More at The Centennial History of St. Mary's Church, 1854-1954 (La Crosse, Wis. : s.n.), 1954

The last one is from Villinova University


  1. This reminds me, I still have to go to Old St. Mary's one of these weekends I am in town and get pictures for you!

  2. I'm withholding your paycheck until you do!

  3. Don't make me post a UW-Madison Memes photo!!

  4. haha, you're right, time for Fridays to be Fantastic!

  5. Beautiful tribute to this church. My grandmother was baptized here in 1888.


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