400 turn out for Religious Freedom Rally in Milwaukee

Thank you to the 400 people who turned out to pray and witness with us at the Rally for Religious Freedom in Milwaukee today! Despite the rain, spirits were joyful.

Bishop Hying joined us at the last minute, which was very cool, and very much appreciated.

500 people attended the Madison rally. Below are Milwaukee pictures, I will post Madison ones today or Monday. Thank you to everyone who attended and kept us in prayer!

Bishop Hying and myself. 

Partial overhead view.

Bishop Hying speaking to the crowd.

Father Cyril Guise OCD (left) and Father Jude Peters OCD (right), Carmelite priests at Holy Hill, who organized a bus from Holy Hill themselves! I've known these priests my whole life and it is so neat to run into old friends. 


  1. The good bishop must have his game face on.

  2. It makes me smile to see the Carmelites there, I miss them. The man between Fr Cyril and Fr Jude is an OCDS Secular Carmelite I know well, Don O'Meara.

    Here is a newspaper article on our rally in Madison, it was about the same size:


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