Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate (and practicing Catholic) supports elective taxpayer-funded abortions

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

First, this from The Weekly Standard:
Top Wisconsin Democrats acknowledge that labor issues are not “moving” voters in the state, so a major part of the Democratic recall campaign against Scott Walker will involve an effort to portray him as a belligerent in the so-called “war on women.” But it’s not at all clear that this is a battle the Democrats can win. The two leading Democratic candidates, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett and Dane county executive Kathleen Falk, have staked out deeply unpopular positions on the issue of abortion that could prove toxic in the general election.

As a congressman from Milwaukee in 1993, Tom Barrett broke ranks with the other eight other members of the Wisconsin congressional delegation (three Democrats and five Republicans) when he voted against the Hyde amendment, a measure that prohibited federal funding of elective abortions for Medicaid recipients (the amendment made exceptions for the cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is at stake). At an event in Madison last week, Barrett reaffirmed his support for taxpayer-funding of elective abortions under Medicaid.

“In Congress you voted against the Hyde amendment on Medicaid abortion funding. Do you still oppose the Hyde amendment?” Barrett was asked by THE WEEKLY STANDARD following a candidates forum in Madison on Wednesday.

“Yes, I do,” Barrett replied.
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In a nutshell, Barrett supports taxpayer-funded abortion.

Photo, l-r: At a 2010 fundraiser for Barrett’s failed gubernatorial bid. Milwaukee mayor and gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett; Planned Parenthood of America president Cecile Richards; and former Gov. Jim Doyle, also a pro- abortion Catholic.
Pro-life Gov. Scott Walker is facing a recall election, and Barrett is running against him. Walker recently signed three pro-life pieces of legislation, cut funding to Planned Parenthood in his 2011 budget and ended PPWI’s eligibility to participate in a state program that provided cancer screenings to low-income women.

Barrett’s pro-abortion view should come as no surprise — in July 2010, Cecile Richards headlined three Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin fundraisers for Barrett (photo, above, from the Milwaukee fundraiser).

Barrett calls himself a practicing Catholic and was recently given a forum in the Milwaukee Catholic Herald.

What a pro-abortion race to the bottom.

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