30 students attend Bp Hying Mass and talk at Marquette Univ

Milwaukee Auxiliary Bishop Donald Hying reflected on challenges in the Catholic Church, youth involvement in it and prayer through scripture Tuesday night in a visit to Marquette’s campus.

Hying’s visit, his second in as many years, also included a celebration of Mass in the St. Joan of Arc Chapel. It was sponsored by the St. Robert Bellarmine Society, a Catholic group on campus with a specific focus on devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Hying discussed some of the challenges the Church is facing today, both internally and societally.

“We’re living through an amazing period in history and the Church,” he said.

He also pointed out the importance of young people getting involved in religion, especially college students.

“It’s when you’re in college that you set your moral compass for the rest of your life,” he said.
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And this
Shannon Webster, a junior in the College of Communication and president of the St. Robert Bellarmine Society, agreed.

There’s a need for Catholic spirituality on campus,” Webster said.

I'm glad to see Marquette seems to be taking baby steps in the right direction.  


  1. Although I'm not a student, I was so glad I had the opportunity to attend this Mass and talk on Lectio Divina. It was wonderful! The students there were so welcoming and prayerful and, of course, Bishop Hying was outstanding as usual! We are so blessed!

    1. This is a good sign for Marquette. I don't know of many Jesuit schools that have bishops on campus. It's a perfect fit for Bp. Hying. Hopefully becomes more frequent than once a year!

  2. Great to see the Bishop doing this! That said, only 30 students at MU showed up? Back in my day at a small (public) Midwestern college when our Bishop visited the Newman center (which was no bastion of orthodoxy) I think still about 120 or so students showed up. You'd think at such a big university as Marquette where the plurality of the students are Catholic (on paper) they'd break the triple digits. Maybe the group just wanted to keep it small. Creative minority. If the students aren't gravitating towards the Bishop, the King of Kings should go to them! If the preparations and red tape cutting began now,within a year or two a Eucharistic procession could be planned for the campus!

    1. A bit of an indictment on the culture at Marquette. Their campus ministry probably needs some reform.


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