Arch. Milwaukee confirms Wauwatosa priest suspension

WAUWATOSA - The Archdiocese of Milwaukee and an order of priests has confirmed the suspension of Fr. Bob Marsicek.His faith community in Wauwatosa has been rocked to the core by a police investigation, where he has been told to stay away from children.

Fr. Marsicek is a long time fixture at St. Pius Catholic community.  But Friday we confirmed police are investigating allegations against the priest, and that he's been removed from ministry while they do so.  On the holiest week for Catholics, parishioners at St. Pius X are stunned to hear their priest isn't allowed to celebrate mass with them.

"It's shocking."

Fr. Marsicek has been temporarily pulled from his pastoral roles, according to his religious order and the archdioceses[sic].  Police are investigating an allegation Marsicek had inappropriate contact with a student at Wauwatosa Catholic -- a combination of St. Pius and St. Bernard students.  Parishioners say it's hard to believe. 

"There is some great, grave misunderstanding is what I would think."  Ginny Reinmuller and her daughter, Louise are long time parish members.  "I've known him since I was in 4th grade and he's always been the most loving person around here," said Louise."  He would never do anything to hurt anyone. That is not him," added her mother.Marsicek was suspended Thursday.

He has not been arrested. 
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