Cdl Burke: ‘Individual bishops’, not just conferences must fight culture of death

Cdl. Burke in front of Planned
Parenthood in Texas
The bishops of the world must, as individuals, take the lead in combating the Culture of Death, and not wait for the national conferences, Cardinal Raymond Burke told in an interview yesterday.

“It should be emphasized that the individual bishop has a responsibility in this matter. Sometimes what happens is the individual bishops are unwilling to do anything because they wait for the national bishops’ conference to take the lead.

Warning against some of the bureaucratic trends of “truth by committee” in the Church’s organisation, Cardinal Burke said, “Simply by the way these conferences work, it can be years before some kind of effective direction is given, and then oftentimes because this direction is discussed and debated, it can get very watered down.”

He emphasized that the involvement of the bishops should be constant, and not merely a matter of issuing a statement once. “We’re not writing term papers here where you make reference to an earlier document and that’s sufficient.” In public life, he said, the message has to be stated and re-stated and kept up to date. [*cough*Dolan*cough*]
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Not just abortion, but think about Wisconsin's contraception mandate.  Listecki and Morlino absolutely did the right thing and broke with the heinous WCC decision.  If a bishop isn't participating in 40 Days for Life personally or similar rallies, it has to be wondered if they are indeed "taking the lead" or just hoping someone else will take care of that messy pro-life stuff.  

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