+Dolan Hopes Release Of Documents Will Heal Sex Abuse Victims In Milwaukee

Timothy Cardinal Dolan said Wednesday that he welcomes the upcoming release of documents related to sexual abuse lawsuits filed against the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, where he previously served.

Dolan gave a deposition in February in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case involving the Milwaukee Archdiocese. The deposition is among some 3,000 pages of documents that the archdiocese announced on Wednesday that it would post by July 1.

The Archdiocese in Wisconsin’s largest city had been fighting release of the documents, and faced a hearing Thursday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Milwaukee. It declared bankruptcy two years ago as it dealt with about 500 sex abuse claims.

In a statement, Dolan said he was glad to give his deposition and hopes the release of the documents will help in the healing of abuse survivors.

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  1. How will that happen? Dolan himself kept priests in place who had been reported for their sexual abuse of teenaged boys. He also made NO effort to get to the bottom of things, instead realying on the words and advice or Weakland and Slkba. The problems continue.


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