Quick Roundup

Ran across a theory that +Burke could end up in Chicago.

For Lent I was listening to Truth & Life: Dramatized Audio Bible.  It is the entire New Testament.  EXCELLENT!  There were times when I was slightly annoyed by the interpretation or someones voice(the voice of Jesus I did not like right away, but it grew on my after a while).   I would highly recommend it. 

Also I read Taylor Marshall's The Eternal City.  Short, concise, excellent!   

Attended Triduum at the La Crosse Cathedral.  I really wish I had an audio recording to share with you all.  Although entirely in English, it is praiseworthy, particularly the settings that Dr. Luckner has put the Responsorial Psalms to.  The kids love the trumpets and timpani.  On Sunday the bishop came up and gave our youngest a blessing.

A few prayer requests, for a friend in La Crosse who was recently let go from her job(after 12 loyal years) for cost saving measures.  Also for a resolution to the ongoing custody battle for Stephanie Przytarski, she is still in jail(for like 4 months now) and her daughter is still with the father(and alleged assailant).  I have removed my original post for the time being as part of a deal for cooperation.

Thank you for your prayers, my head feels much better today(I should have asked for prayers sooner!) and will learn of test results next week - something with the muscles and nerves behind the eye.

Did I tell you I know the producer of these fantastic AT&T ads?  

Bill Russell is apparently not impressed she went to school in a little town in southern Minnesota.  She should have told him she knew me!

Here's some outtakes


  1. Thank you for the prayer requests for Stephanie and Sarah - just a tweak ...Steph spent 3 days in jail and is out on bail now...Sarah is in her own "prison" 1000 miles away from her mother for over 100 days ... trial still scheduled for May 6th


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