Rep. Jacque floats bill to ban use of aborted "fetal tissue" in scientific research

A bill to ban the sale or use of aborted fetal tissue for research in Wisconsin would ensure scientific integrity, said a lawmaker who plans to reintroduce the measure after it failed two years ago.

But UW-Madison and biotech officials said the bill would hamper important research, including studies on cancer, influenza and diabetes.

Rep. Andre Jacque, R-DePere, sent an email Monday to other legislators seeking co-sponsors for the bill.

"If children are aborted, they cannot give their consent for research," Jacque told the State Journal. "It's important to set high standards."

Fewer than 10 UW-Madison scientists use fetal tissue, campus spokesman Terry Devitt said. But the measure "could criminalize a whole raft of research" by banning widely-used cell lines derived from fetal tissue in the 1970s, Devitt said.

The cell lines are used in many cancer and flu studies, said Bryan Renk, executive director of BioForward, a state biotech association.
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Ask the butcher shop corporation getting rich what they think.

Here's the point
Matt Sande, a lobbyist for Pro-Life Wisconsin, said researchers could still get fetal tissue from miscarriages and stillbirths if parents consent.

"It may be more difficult for them to procure this tissue through ethical means, but we expect them to do so," he said.
Is it not bizarre that these freaks think they are entitled to these bodies?  If these kinds of corporations could just get legislation that all dead bodies are public domain to be consumed by the machines of capitalism, they would do so.  After all, isn't it selfish for people to keep things like organs?  Shouldn't we just mandate that organs can be harvested from any person? I'm sure there's no unintended consequences, right.........


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