Sr. Marlene Weisenbeck talks LCWR

The infamous Marlene Weisenbeck has taken the opportunity to defend herself because "she still felt personally targeted because the Vatican investigation covered her tenure."
Regarding homosexuality, she said, “We wanted to stand in solidarity, and we asked the church to join. Calling people to conversion is not against the church.”  [What has the LCWR done to promote "conversion" among homosexuals? ]

Concerning the ordination of women, “we acknowledged women couldn’t be ordained, but we hoped for more dialogue on the role of women in the church[sic],” she said.  [ Does the Catholic Church oppress women? ]

Although some leadership positions, even at the Vatican, are open to women, the church remains run largely by men.  [Weisenbeck was previously chancellor of the Diocese of La Crosse]

Echoing Weisenbeck’s hopeful view of dialogue with the new pope is Sister Linda Mershon, the current FSPA president.

“One of the priorities I hope he will address is to restore some faith in America’s religious women,” Mershon said.

“I hope someone would take a new look, with a little more dialogue, a little more respect, a little more compassion,” she said.  [ I am still amazed how bitter and angry these sisters continue to sound.  Don't they want to attract support to their cause? ]
whole article at La Crosse Tribune

Not discussed was her relationship to the Obama administration and her repeated attack on the pro-life efforts of US Bishops and support for taxpayer funded abortion and contraception.  These sisters are severely hindered by their attachment to liberation theology.  Pope Francis' history with this cancer in the Church will be extremely valuable as these talks proceed.  The knee jerk reaction that he's so much "nicer" than the last guy is short sighted.  It's a mistake to believe that liberation theology would not be dealt with a heavy hand by this papacy.

Reform is hard, so is the Gospel.  Weisenbeck wasn't up to the task, and the LCWR may need to be disbanded completely to undo this failure.  In many ways, these religious orders are in denial like dioceses who covered up abuse for years.  It hurts to point that finger back at yourself, but it is essential to reform.

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