Details on EC Regis president "fired for being gay"

Timothy G. Nelson was overjoyed to sign an agreement naming him president of the Regis Catholic Schools system in his hometown of Eau Claire.

Although the job entailed a $27,000 annual salary cut, Nelson, who currently lives in Farmington, N.M., was grateful for the opportunity to return to the school system that educated him. Even more important to him, he said, was the prospect of spending time with his mother, who is terminally ill.

“It’s difficult going back and forth from New Mexico to take care of her needs,” Nelson explained.

But just three weeks after Nelson accepted the position in mid-March, the Diocese of La Crosse suddenly withdrew the offer. Officials claimed that Nelson had not been candid about his former affiliation with the Franciscan Brothers – an allegation he strongly denies. In fact, Nelson says that he not only spoke at length about his time with the Franciscans during interviews, but he also used several Franciscan chaplains as character references.

Nelson contends that the real reason for the diocese’s change of heart came after officials conducted something of a witch-hunt and discovered what they believed was evidence that he’s gay. Nelson acknowledges that he’s gay, but he resents the petty snooping into his personal life conducted by the diocese, as well as what he calls the “ignorance” that led him to lose a job for which he feels uniquely qualified.

Nelson has filed a complaint with the Equal Rights Division of the Department of Workforce Development in Madison. State law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment decisions.
continue at Wisconsin Gazette (a lot of details, worth following the link)

It goes on to say that the La Crosse Diocese, not the school was ultimately responsible for the decision.

Identifying as gay is I don't think what most people care about.  The way the story is laid out, I doubt Nelson is a member of Courage, or has taken a healthy approach to his sexual identity.  But if he adheres to Catholic teaching on the matter, it doesn't bother me at all to have him working as president of the school. 

A while back there was a small Catholic classical school that was starting up, and parents rallied to shut it down because it was taking away from the local diocesan school.... 


  1. My friend, I am a little puzzled by at least one phrase you used concerning Nelson: "sexual identity". What do you mean by that, exactly?

    If a man is a homosexual, he is committing one of the most grievous mortal sins imaginable. To use a phrase like "sexual identity" is to be less than candid about this poor man's problem.

    I certainly hope we are not falling for that idea that people are born sodomites. Not only is such an idea ridiculous but it has the effect of allowing the sinner to consider himself as a mere "different" type of individual and thus may preclude him from ever getting back into God's good graces.

    Let us be extremely careful when we cavalierly use words llike "same sex attraction" or "sexual orientation" or "sexual identity"> We are talking about serious sin here and it should be our duty to help these poor wretches, not confirm them in their errors.

    1. It's not a sin to be attracted to the same sex, it is a sin to act out on that desire. The desire is disordered but it not in itself sinful. It doesn't matter how a person gets to that point, acting out on that desire is what's sinful. It is not a matter of the will to control desire, only to control actions. I may have a disordered desire to murder someone but it is my will to act out on that desire.

      To say that "If a man is a homosexual, he is committing one of the most grievous mortal sins imaginable." I think you might be misstating what you believe. There are lots of homosexuals(people who are attracted to the same sex) who are practicing their Catholic faith to the fullest. To have temptations of same sex attractions and to live chastely is a heroic thing to do in today's culture.


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