Dietrich von Hildebrand Lecture Thursday in La Crosse

Dietrich von Hildebrand Lecture

Catholic philosopher and theologian Dietrich von Hildebrand (1889-1977) was hated by Hitler, a defender of the Jews, a friend of John Paul II, and a philosopher of love and beauty. According to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, “In the history of modern Catholic philosophy, his name will be preeminent!” Come and learn about von Hildebrand’s unique life, personalism, and phenomenology, from his student of four years, Professor Don R. Clark, on Thursday,

May 2, 8:00 pm, in the chapel here at the Newman Center.
 Newman Center - La Crosse

A great sign for the Newman Center.  It's parishioners are probably the most liberal in the area, but a nice recovery seems to be going on.  Hildebrand could seriously be made a Doctor of the Church, and the lecture indicates healthy signs for the parish.  I may attend. 

This Rock had some nice articles on Hidebrand.  Check out A Philosopher with Heart.

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