In the Spirit: Holy Wisdom Monastery now off-limits to Catholic priests

A “Roman Catholic Womanpriest” simulates
Mass at Holy Wisdom Monastery.
Bishop Robert Morlino is continuing to put more distance between the Madison Catholic Diocese and Holy Wisdom Monastery, a former Catholic monastery on the outskirts of Madison that is now a non-Catholic ecumenical retreat center.

In the latest development, Morlino is now prohibiting priests in the diocese from “attendance or participation at all events held at Holy Wisdom Monastery and all events sponsored or co-sponsored by Holy Wisdom Monastery or the Benedictine Women of Madison,” according to a March 7 letter to priests leaked to the State Journal.

A February visit to the monastery by Sister Simone Campbell, an outspoken, progressive Catholic nun, appeared to be the final straw for Morlino.

The monastery, in the town of Westport on the northwest side of Lake Mendota, once was a Catholic high school for girls run by Benedictine nuns. After the school closed in 1966, the nuns turned the site into an ecumenical retreat center, offering a place of hospitality to a wide range of people and groups.

Elizabeth has some great info on Holy Wisdom in case you are wondering what's up with these loonies.  Also check out her latest: 
Bishop told priests, and apparently Sister Simone: don’t go to Holy Wisdom Monastery

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  1. Your picture commentary needs to be corrected....... Those women are NOT RC! They've Excomunicated themselves, Big Time!


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