Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!

via Abbey Roads:
"Many marriages are not good; they do not please Our Lord and are not of God."

 - Our Lady to Bl. Jacinta
MN votes on gay marriage today. 

Also, the Holy Father's trip to the Holy Land makes me very nervous....


  1. this might seem like a dumb question but whats your position with regards to the consecration of Russia?

    1. Well.... I'll just say this, we have not experienced the fruits of the consecration at this point.

    2. ok thats how I feel (of course my feelings dont count though)

    3. LOL, yes, I know that it can be a contentious discussion on whether the consecration has been done or not, but one thing we know is that we have not seen the fruits. When Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared, she gave immediate results, something like 14 million baptisms in the first year. The results of Fatima appeared to be hinged on our response.

  2. OLG = approximately 9 million baptisms in 10 years...14 million in 1 year...? meh, close enough haha. According to Msgr. Chavez, Postulator for the Cause of St. Juan Diego, some of the Franciscan missionaries lives were shortened from exhaustion because of all the countless hours spent baptizing, catechizing, etc. Our priests today have it easy compared to their brothers in Mexico 1531-1541.


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