Video: Paul Ryan on same sex adoption

HT FatherZ

As a commenter posted previously, European polling shows support for gay "marriage" but opposition for gay adoption.  This is exactly why there were so many protests in France.

I've said before, I think it's legitimate under secular law to allow for some kind of legal recognition for things like visitations and property inheritance.  Adoption is precisely the issue is with gay marriage.  So to say that you support gay adoption is exactly the same as saying you support gay marriage.  The artificial creation of unnatural families where children cannot rightly identify with their own gender or the opposite gender by the absence of a natural parent is not just.  Adoption or bio-manufacturing of children for raising in gay relationships is the only real issue that is being fought over.  The rest of it is really semantics.


  1. So disappointing to see Paul Ryan adopting this view. Ugh. I thought he was a Catholic!

  2. I wonder if the USCCB will issue a corrective statement on this, much like they did on his 'budget'.

  3. Extremely disappointing. Ryan really gave me some hope during this last election... it is very sad to see him fall into politics as usual. Looks like it's back to total skepticism and cynicism.

  4. When I heard this yesterday, it was like a punch in the face. I used to live in Kenosha, so I can speak to having Paul Ryan as my Rep., and yes it did often seem like he was a GOPer before a Catholic. However, the expressions of his faith he shared publically, particularly in going face-to-face with VP Biden's dissent was very encouraging.

    This is a huge step back for authentic Catholic politicians.


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