Coming Soon: The Badger Catholic's Totally Excellent Guide to Winning Summer

Let's do this.

Memorial Day is a week in the past, and over the weekend we flipped the calendar page to June. Even if the solstice is still a couple weeks in the future, it's summer--whether or not it feels like it outside.

Since summer will inevitably be followed by another seven months of winter, you had better make the most of June, July and August. In the blink of an eye, Wisconsin will, once again, become a barren wasteland, and our only hope for survival will be a deep Packers playoff run to distract us from the freezing cold.

Never fear! I fancy myself a bit of an expert on winning summer, and I'll make sure that you're equipped to enjoy yours as well. There are a lot of excellent things to do in summer. In the coming days, we'll run down the most fun and interesting activities for you and your family.

Check back early and often!

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