Dominic Pio celebrated first birthday yesterday

It is one year ago today that Dominic was born:

A whole year has gone by since we laid our eyes upon his face, heard his husky little voice, touched his little hands and feet and took in what our little man was all about.  It was a year ago that he took us and everyone by surprise when he exceeded everyone's expectations.  He has traveled more and gotten to know more people than some can claim to know in a whole lifetime, he has touched hearts (especially ours),  and he has brought people back to prayer.  He has been God's tool, his instrument in which He worked his mighty deeds, what a life you have lived so far Dominic!!  When this whole journey began, there was no way we could have ever seen all of the good that could come from your little life with its large struggles.  From the onset, it was a scary unknown place that we were not sure how it would turn out.  It is a lesson for me to look back on your last year and remember how it felt to be looking at your predicted future, having no idea just how many would be deeply touched by your story, the lesson in that is life-changing!  And yet, I find myself again looking down the road to the next surgeries you will endure and again feeling unsure about how it will turn out, so the lesson on your first birthday Dominic is: TRUST.  Trust in God and His plan for your life.  The lesson is also:  have CONFIDENCE that He knows what He is doing and I can rest in that.  There also needs to be: DETACHMENT from my own will and allow God to pierce our hearts for the good of our own souls and others, because as we have learned, it is from these piercings that God is allowed to enter in and fill our hearts with GRACE.  Thank you God for our beautiful son!
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Yea!!!!!  A very happy birthday from all of us Badger Catholics!

Update: I see Charlie Sykes also noted the occasion.


  1. Happy Birthday Dominic. May God give you and your good family many Blessings. And Bless all the good people who help you and your family in challenges. In the Love of Christ is our joy and
    hope +

  2. He's a great little guy from a great family. We're always so happy to see all of them every week at St. Anthony's!


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