Green Bay Diocese clears retired priest of abuse charges

The Catholic Diocese of Green Bay said Saturday it has cleared the Rev. Justin Werner in allegations of abuse of a minor at an Outagamie County church in the 1970s.

It said Werner, a retired senior priest, was cleared following an investigation.

“The independent investigator has concluded the allegation against Father Justin Werner is unsubstantiated,” the diocese said in a press release issued Saturday afternoon.

Restrictions on Werner’s ministry have been lifted by Bishop David Ricken.“At the same time, we as a diocese must be diligent in our due process to ensure the safety of our children and to advocate on behalf of victims/survivors,” the diocese said in the release. “Therefore, the investigation regarding the allegation of abuse from the 1970’s continues.”
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  1. Fr. Werner was actually my parish priest growing up. I received my First Communion from him.

    I was certain these allegations were bunk from the beginning. As far as I know, Fr. Werner is a pretty ordinary priest. But he most certainly loves the Lord. He's now rather elderly and has trouble moving around. What a sad thing that his twilight years are being marred by these baseless accusations.


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