Milwaukee priest explains "what Vatican Council II embraced"

Dan Morris-Young reports at the National Catholic Reporter on the upcoming second annual meeting of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests. Mr. Morris-Young interviewed AUSCP president Father David Cooper (also pastor at St. Matthias Church in Milwaukee) about the meeting and its agenda [pdf]

"Asked how he might respond to those who would say the 15 resolutions sound like a party platform for the progressive wing of the Catholic church, Cooper said, 'Well, that's what Vatican Council II embraced.'"

If only they'd explicitly said that in the documents!
continue at The Provincial Emails

Here's some more on Fr. Cooper.


  1. HOORAY FOR AMBIGOUS SPIRITS! And even better he is still responsible for the souls at St. Matthias... I know theres a priest 'shortage' but what does it profit a Parish to have a priest but heretical teaching?

  2. And how can one really argue that there isn't a crisis in the Church? It starts with the clergy. These AUSCP priests with their heresies, responsible in large measure for the salvation of souls in their care, enjoy regular status within the Church while leading many to perdition. How ambiguous indeed that holy priests, faithful to the historical teachings of the Church, providing responsible Catholic example to their charges with the utmost gravity to the care and salvation of souls, are marginalized at best and made made villains at worst. The Devil must love these times.

  3. He looks like a chum of Cardinal Dolan. Do you notice all their boisterous smiles. Smiling is good but they have no modesty. Old photographs of priests
    and bishops showed a sense of modesty.

    1. .... uhhh, I'm concerned over the heresy, not the ... "boisterous smiling" ...

    2. yeah dont make this about a smile...if Dolan has anything to do with this its his inability and Liseckis inability to call things as they are (Lord save us from endless dialogue as Ven. Sheen used to say) because we have become a church of nice, seeking not to offend even when heresy is seeping into the very souls entrusted by the Bishops to their care. Matt do you think writing a letter to this priest would make any difference, perhaps CCing the Bishop and moving from there? The more I think about this the greater the concern I have, and if the people at St. Matthias wont say anything...well what do you think?

  4. Badger, I may be wrong about boisterous smiles. I have for some time noticed
    these boisterous smiles and the bishops and priests who wear them; further
    with some knowledge most often thru reading of what kind of priests they
    are. The characteristics many times seem to match their unorthodox words and
    actions. It seems (to me) a portrayal of un-contemplativeness and a woldli-
    ness. As I said I could be wrong.


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