PLW: Griswold, Contraception, and the Human Person

For most people, June 7 is just another day. But for those engaged in the battle against the culture of death, it is far more significant, for it marks the landmark Supreme Court case, Griswold v. Connecticut—the case that fabricated the bogus “right to privacy,” legalized contraception, and paved the way for Roe v. Wade just a few years later.  

But why does the legalization of contraception matter? After all, most Americans don’t see any problem with contraception. It is merely a harmless tool that enables us to fully enjoy our sexuality. It allows to responsibly space our children and take control of our families. It isn’t so bad. Right?

Wrong. While it is the height of political incorrectness to say so, I will say it anyway:
Contraception is inherently dangerous because it has everything to do with how think about sexuality, marriage, family, and children. And how we think about these things strikes at the heart of what it means to be human beings in relationship with each other.

Put another way, contraception is harmful because it enables the objectifying of human persons; it helps us use people as means to an end rather than as ends in themselves. Instead of persons worthy of respect and possessing innate dignity, we see others as instruments for our own happiness. We use them for sexual gratification, emotional satisfaction, and any other number of felt-needs. The moment others fail in this supposed purpose, we discard them like we would an outdated cell phone.
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