Questioning the abortion worldview

Dr. Haywood Robinson speaks at the Wisconsin Defend Life Rally on January 31, 2009.
San Diego Christian College Theology and Philosophy Professor Dave Sterrett has an excellent article analyzing how medical professionals who agree on the humanity of the pre-born child still manage to disagree about the morality of abortion.
Abortion is not a comfortable subject for either the religious or nonreligious among us and two respected people, looking at identical information, often reach opposite opinions on the matter.  But with the debate over abortion rights again getting national attention after the trial and conviction of Dr. Kermit Gosnell for the killing of three babies who had already been born in his clinic, it is worth asking: Why is it that some people of faith are in favor of abortion rights, while other people of faith are against them?
And there's an anecdote from close to home (emphasis added):
Dr. Haywood Robinson, who serves on the admissions board of Texas A&M College of Medicine, claims that an experience at a Christian concert convinced him to eventually get out of the abortion industry.  Robinson reported to Shawn Carney that early in medical school, abortion bothered him. Then he did one.  Then he did another, then three, then four. Eventually Robinson admitted that his “conscience had been deadened.” Robinson said that abortions provided a lot of money that he and his wife could use for vacations and “have a good time. It was blood money.” At a 40 Days for Life campaign in Madison, Wis., Robinson stepped up to a microphone and talked about leaving the industry of abortion. “I stand a sinner saved by grace.”
Dr. Robinson spoke at the Wisconsin Defend Life Rally in 2009, which drew more than 2,000 people protesting the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics' plan to perform late-term abortions on campus.
Dr. Haywood Robinson, Steve Karlen, Vigil for Life Founder Amy Lang and 40 Days for Life Nat'l Director Shawn Carney in Madison in January of 2009

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