WausauHerald: Cardinal Burke celebrates St. Mary's 10th anniversary

A cardinal who helped elect Pope Francis as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in March graced the aisle this week of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Oratory in Wausau, a church he consecrated a decade ago.

About 200 people [...I confirmed it was actually 450 with Canon Gardner] gathered Friday afternoon to celebrate Mass with Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who is in Wausau this weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the dedication of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Oratory. Burke, then-bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse, first consecrated the church May 31, 2003.

Priests and parishioners from across the country, including Chicago, St. Louis, Green Bay and Tucson, Ariz., attended the ceremony, a unique event that included a papal blessing for all who attended. Burke also performed communion for several children Friday morning.  [.... and by "communion" they mean "Confirmation" .... and by "several" they mean 52  .... and by "children" they mean young adults]
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It is good that they covered the event, but yes, didn't quite get it.

The Institute has yet to post pictures. 

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  1. Media estimates are the best. At the pro-life event I posted about yesterday that drew 2,000+, the media reported something like 700-900. The campus media reported "dozens."


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