AoftheAP: Pelosi’s Guardian Angel Is “Calling It Quits”!!

(AoftheAP) In what’s being called “one of the most unprecedented theological events ever”, Nancy Pelosi’s guardian angel has tendered his resignation, apparently in reaction to her statement “It is sacred ground”, with regards to late-term abortions.

AoftheA News received a copy of his resignation letter, in which he cites “I can no longer handle accompanying the most unfathomable degree of stupid ever, so I’m calling it quits”, and “I’ve done my best, but when all is said and done, even I can’t believe all the idiocy she has said and done”.

A representative of Celestial Helpers for Eternal Reward Union Brotherhood, Local 94103, told AoftheA News – speaking on the condition of anonymity – that the resignation came as a total surprise. “To be honest, based on Pelosi’s recent actions and statements, I had assumed he resigned years ago.”
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PS> best talk on angels ever, Fr. John Hardon, Angels and Demons
PPS> Yes.... you have to order a physical CD to get the mp3s...... you cant purchase and then download


  1. there is another way to get his audio at

    I think this talk is there as well for download but free

    1. That's right, they do have some at TRP. There were a series of talks, when I first listened to them, the only thing available were cassette tapes...


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