Dad29: SNAP Is Right About Sklba

A headbutt follows?
SNAP's presser following the doc-dump on pedophile priests in Milwaukee:

...Sklba’s fingerprints are spread over nearly a quarter of a century of child sex crimes. Yet, he continues to hold a prominent role in the life of the Archdiocese, presiding at confirmations, masses at the cathedral, and living comfortably and well.

At a bare minimum, Sklba should gracefully bow out of public life in the Archdiocese like Weakland has, and be grateful he has not been prosecuted—as he should be—for criminal conspiracy. And if he doesn’t do that — it’s time for his boss, Jerome Listecki, to do it for him....

Absolutely correct.

Not to mention that awkward, glorious sendoff from the archdiocesan newspaper....



  1. just having seen the Hobbit and seeing the head butt comment made the day...too funny


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