Fox6: Deposition of Bishop Sklba released with church documents

Years ago, FOX6 News showed you the video deposition of Archbishop Rembert Weakland as it relates to clergy sex abuse cases within the Milwaukee Archdiocese. [I see SNAP posted bits and pieces, is the whole thing available in video form?] Now, we’re learning more about Weakland’s right-hand man.

The deposition of Bishop Richard Sklba was released on Monday, July 1st. Now retired, Sklba is a Vicar — or higher-ranking clergy member — at times, representing other priests.

Bishop Sklba was a priest for nearly 52 years. He knew much about the laws of church leadership. But when asked about some of the training outside of Scripture, he was at times, less knowledgeable.

In 2011 court documents, Sklba was asked if there was training to detect sexual abuse. His answers were not forthcoming. When asked if there was training for priests to manage their sexual lives so they would not engage in sexual abuse, Sklba found the tone offensive.

Eventually, Sklba admitted it was practice to report abuse to civil authorities only if the victim who reported it was under the age of 18. Further, he said if an adult came to him with a concern, he would suggest they go to civil authorities, adding it was not within his range of experience to do otherwise.

Sometimes the church kept logs about abuse allegations — sometimes it didn’t.

When asked if Sklba had any suspicions about abuse involving Ronald Bandle, James Beck or Michael Benham — all now labeled clergy offenders by the Archdiocese — he replied, not at all.
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I'll probably just do a roundup in a week or so with the rest of these stories. 

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  1. In many ways, Richard Sklba is more evil that Rembert Weakland, if that is possible. They really should both be in jail.


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