Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity reflects on “books most studied” in formation

Recently, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Regina Rose shared her thoughts about Community Director Sister Louise Hembrecht. We invite you to find out for yourself how a newly professed Sister views authority in our Congregation.

2000 self-help books are published every year world-wide. On alone, there are 423,723. What is evident here is humanity’s search for the authentic self. It is my belief the women entering religious life are deeply involved in this search and they arrive here with hopes of discovering vibrant, living illustrations of authenticity.
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  1. The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity founded (in the 19th century) & staffed my local hospital in Ohio and also ran the near-by parish school. They are now practically extinct here with only a token presence (if even that) at the hospital, which was absorbed into a union with the secular hospital (bad move). It's very sad to see their lively presence through the mid-60s diminish to the point of obscurity.


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