I wish of my soul to make a sword.....

courtesy of Raymond De Souza
To respond to a request of friends, here is a simple translation of the poem in Portuguese I posted a few days ago. Unfortunately the rhyme is completely lost, of course. Just the general ideas. It is a prayer of a man who wishes to make a sword out of his soul in the combat for the Catholic Faith. It is bound to shock the lukewarm...

Ah ! I wish of my soul to make a sword,
Inebriated with heroism, thristy for bravery,
To find happiness only in combat!

Ah! I wish to form in me a crusader soul,
Ready to fight for God, ready for the attack,
A sharp, strong, shining and pure soul.

Ah ! I wish of my soul to make a sword,
Singing the epic beauty of the combat,
And whose only glory were to be unsheathed.
Having the shape and the bitter sweetness of the cross,
To be scandal for some, and for others madness.
White, virginal, valiant, and righteous, cutting and daring,
I wish of my soul to make a sword!

Holy Mary, Queen of the daring deeds, replies:

Ah ! I wish of your soul to make a sword,
forged in the fire of the epopee and the flames of prowess,
A soul fully Catholic and thirsty for grandeur.
Shining like the sword that has been unsheathed.
Having the glory to be, like God, crucified,
Humbly hiding in the sheath the light of purity.

Ah ! I wish of your soul to make a sword,
Aggressive, rich in justice and filled with nobility,
Obedient and heroic, in love with the glory of God.
Without stain, without fear, without felony or weakness
A sword-like soul, sacred symbol of honour and fortitude
Like Me, virginal, intrepid and immaculate,
Ah ! I wish of your soul to make a sword
P.S>  Any poets out there who can move the words around and change them into rhyming verses are invited to do so.

Viva Cristo Rey!

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