Wis. State Journal profiles Bp. Morlino, live chat at noon on Madison.com

Go there, read both articles.  I think both articles are really well done.  Seriously, go read them!

Just a tidbit:
When he arrived in Madison in 2003, Morlino privately told friends he wanted 30 men studying to be priests within a decade. There were six seminarians then; there are 34 now.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee, with more than double the number of Catholics, has 28 seminarians. The Green Bay Catholic Diocese, also larger than Madison, has 23.
Whole article: Ten years in, a tenure of big changes for Bishop Robert Morlino

Also check out:  Away from diocesan work, Robert Morlino is an easygoing guy who keeps it light

If you have time(I've got a meeting otherwise would love to participate)
I think it would be good to have some solid Catholics join the chat.

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