Altoona Catholic church might boot Boy Scouts over new policy on gay members

The Boy Scouts of America’s decision to allow openly gay troop members has prompted at least one western Wisconsin church to consider cutting ties with the organization.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Altoona, which is a parish of the Diocese of La Crosse, has been the meeting place for Boy Scout Troop 90 for more than 20 years, but last week the church’s pastoral council “strongly recommended” ending its relationship with the troop.

The Rev. Derek Sakowski of St. Mary’s said last week that he was uncomfortable with the wording of the revised Boy Scouts membership policy that says no youth may be turned away “on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”

Sakowski said “sexual preference” is too ambiguous, and he has sought clarification from the national headquarters.

“We want to know if it fits with our Catholic values. If I don’t get a (satisfactory) response, then I can’t renew the charter,” he said, adding that same-sex attraction alone is not considered sinful by the Catholic Church.

The Diocese of La Crosse released a statement last week that said the new Boy Scouts of America membership policy “does not necessarily contradict the Church’s teaching” and that the “dioceses can work with this new policy as it currently stands.”
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The article is from Aug 13 but I didn't see any update.

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